About Machine

Machine was founded in 2009 by Andrew Till, who brought in Simon Slieker as resident dj shortly after. Over the years a wonderful collaborative partnership has emerged leading to the current day where the venture is owned and managed by both of us..

This node is the online showcase and shop for our artists, but our heart resides in Melbourne, the southern most city of the mainland of Australia. Melbourne is known for it's continuing interest in that past time called techno. We, Andrew and Simon grew up with it and have lived through the rise and fall of techno in this country in general, but this city in particular. We have committed to it, have ridden the wave and, now, here we are. Sticking to our guns. We have been professionally active as DJ's, artists, managers, and collaborators for a combined total of 52 years. 

In Machine we set out to achieve something more than a monthly techno night and record label. We’re concerned about a particular aesthetic to emerge through these two facets. An intended design and artfulness embedded in the music, primarily, but also its exposition, it’s delivery.

There is a selective element to the enlistment of artists. A sense of curatorship about the assembling of the roster and the lineup. It's in our interests to provide a great physical space for a discerning and well catered for crowd, wherein quality artists are given the right environment and atmosphere to deliver.

That’s it. Hold us to it.

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